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  1. Show 1: July 7, 2012

    A new family member: Puppies, kittens, adoptions and more. Before acquiring a new companion animal, the most important task you can do is to educate yourself about choosing a pet and pet ownership..

    Air date: 7/7/12

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    Show 2: July 14, 2012

    Our expert guest on the July 14th show was Ian Henry, Regional Director for Trupanion Pet Insurance. Part 1 Part 2

    Air date: 7/14/12

  3. Show 3: July 21, 2012

    Our expert guest on the July 21th show was Las Vegas Judicial Court Judge, Kathleen Delaney.

    Air date: 7/21/12

  4. Show 4: July 28, 2012

    Our expert guest on the July 28th show was Dr. Carlos Rice, a board certified specialist in veterinary dentistry. Dr. Rice discussed with our listeners how common dental disease is in dogs and cats. Studies have shown that 85 percent of dogs and cats will have dental disease by 3 years of age.

    Air date: 7/28/12

  5. Show 5: August 4, 2012

    Our expert guest on the August 4th show was Dr. Lindsay McKay, a board-certified specialist in veterinary dermatology. Dr. McKay discussed how allergy issues are the number one reason people bring their pets in for an exam and can encompass many symptoms from scratching, rubbing, and licking to ear infections. Dr. McKay also discussed advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

    Air date: 8/4/12

  6. Show 6: August 11, 2012

    Our expert guest on the August 11th show was Dr. Neal Wasserman. Dr. Wasserman completed his residency in veterinary ophthalmology and currently works at Eye Care for Animals. During the show, Dr. Wasserman discussed the advances in his specialty and gave us some great information about several common eye-related diseases, such as feline herpes virus, cherry eye, and cataracts.

    Air date: 8/11/12

  7. Show 7: August 18, 2012

    The August 18th show was dedicated to pet birds. Our expert guest was Dr. David Hannon, an avian specialist who currently works at Memphis Veterinary Specialists in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Hannon discussed with our listeners basic bird husbandry, including feeding, cages, nutrition, and behavior. He also discussed the personality characteristics of some of the common pet bird species about which potential bird owners need to be educated.

    Air date: 8/18/12

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