3-2-13: Vaccinations


Medical Topic – Vaccinations have recently become a highly debated topic in veterinary medicine.  Debates involving the amount of vaccine needed to be given and the length of efficacy of the vaccine has causes confusion and stress for the pet parent.  We will be discussing this topic with Dr. John Robb on this Saturday’s show.  Dr. Robb is in the middle of the vaccine controversy after being fired from Banfield Pet Hospital for delivering half doses of vaccines to his patients in order to prevent a vaccine reaction.  We will discuss with Dr. Robb his position on vaccines and take any listener questions that you may have as well. 

Pet Personality – The Pet Personality on this week’s show is Dr. Jan Pol, the star of the television series The Incredible Life of Dr. Pol.  Dr. Pol was born in the Netherlands and was raised on his family dairy farm.  He has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 35 years.   The Incredible Life of Dr. Pol is currently National Geographic Wild’s highest rated telecast.  




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